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Task 2 - Intro to Game Design


Ms Isard▸ Task 2 – Intro to Game Design

Game Design ideas – my preference is it to be their choice (meaningful to the student) has to be around solving a problem and they move through the design process. Design thinking, pair programming, peer to peer collaboration/evaluation, team roles in the full design development process is essential. Like the idea of a fictitious client brief, with specific requirements etc – make it an authentic learning experience. Bring marketing/entrepreneurial elements in for example a pitch to the client, marketing to sell the game etc. Transferable life skills they will nee…


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Jotham Kingston▸ Task 2 – Intro to Game Design

I'd like to see a game for teaching grammar that's based on building trains.
A sentence is made up of words, the same that a train is made up of a set of cars. Nouns could be passenger cars, for example. Verbs could be coal cars etc. Some train cars wouldn't couple together, the same as some words don't couple together. It would be for young kids to play, but Year 9 and 10 students would learn a lot about grammar from designing the game.