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Task 4 - Data in Games


Peita Bates▸ Task 4 – Data in Games

So it is the new year and of course resolution time. I have my FitBit on which is collecting a range of data and reminding me that I should probably be getting up and about a bit more.

Now it is using a lot of complex technology to collect a range of information about me e.g. heart rate, steps, stair count etc. It talks to my phone so I can check progress there or on the watch itself. Taking just this into consideration, it is a fairly simple structure however…

I can now take challenges and compare my progress/activity to that of other users, adapt…


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Jonathan Sargent▸ Task 4 – Data in Games


Our school is often fundraising for charity. The variety of activities for collecting money are often very creative. The data of who, how much, when and other variables of the money that is collected for each activity could be made into a simulation type game. The gamification of our fundraising activities is certainly possible. From simple single day events to longer whole term events.

Sim Fundraiser.