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Galactic Emporer!▸ Task 2 – Intro to Game Design


I would like to create an app which allows students to share their assessments and provide feedback to other students on their tasks/projects individually. This will allow them to get peer feedback without getting embarrassed as most students are not comfortable in either getting feedback or giving feedback. Parents should be able to access this information as well to see how their child is progressing.


Graeme Breen▸ Task 2 – Intro to Game Design


I would like my students to be able to use Arduino-based sensors to feedback data to a web-based mobile app which would allow the user to then action some activity using the same phone app. For example, using the moisture sensor to advise the user that the dirt around their garden is not moist enough and then the user can action an Arduino-controlled servos to start turning on the water to the sprinkler.


Sarah Prior▸ Task 5 – Defining Game Solutions


Minecraft is my game of choice.

We play it using the PC version of the software. The game is very intuitive to play but to defeat the Ender Dragon we have had to look up a lot of information elsewhere. I learned to play this with my two sons and we look online and read reference books to improve our skills.

There are lots of ways to play the game however, and one can play in many different modes so it can be a crea…


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Sarah Prior▸ Task 4 – Data in Games


We are about to start rearing calves with our Grade 9 students in Science. I was thinking a student could represent this process we are learning about as an educational game.

The calf would be an entity that gains or loses weight depending on how well it is treated and the environment it is in (if it is kept clean). The student player would feed the calf twice a day the correct amount of milk powder. The student would also have…