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Toni Smid▸ Task 2 – Intro to Game Design

Task 2: Introduction to Game Design

A problem that I would like to solve with interactive software is to find a way to enable teachers to engage middle school students with History rather than boring them to death with regurgitating people, places and events. It has always been a dream of mine to be able to create a game which historically accurate, facilitate learning, inspired students to be be passionate about History and was good enough that gamers would want to play it and it wasn't seen by students as a 'lame' educational game. Maybe once …


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Rachael Bath▸ Task 1 – Finding Objects!

Paragraph from book: EMPOWER – What happens when students own their learning by John Spencer and A.j. Juliani. Pg xxxi

"Phil Schlechty, who founded the Centre for Engagement, describes engagement as the merging of two key factors: high attention and high commitment"

Centre for Engagement – engagement in learning is the goal for every educator to achieve this it is essential that the learning experiences encompass high attention and high commitment

high attention – is the act of being in the "zone" where time is …


Rachael Bath▸ Networking

Hi Everyone! I am excited to be working through this course. I am a leading teacher at a rural Victorian secondary school and I will be teaching 10 DT in second semester so I am keen to get my head around this content and how to successfully implement learning opportunities for all of the students in my class. I have a wide variety of skills within my student cohort so I will be especially focussed upon how to differentiate these learning opportunities to cater for all of my students.

Please feel free to contact me during this course or at any time on


Toni Smid▸ Task 1 – Finding Objects!

Task 1 Finding Objects Option 1

An example of an object in the real world which has interacting components is a home entertainment system. This is comprised of a number of different objects such as Smart tv (connects to the internet and acts as a display screen), wireless speaker (picks up and distributes sound playing through the other components), blu-ray/dvd player (plays movie and audio disks) and remote controls (allows the user to direct the components to do different things)


Toni Smid▸ Discussion

Curious to know why Python was chosen for this course – is it easier to learn than some of the other programming languages? JavaScript was referred to in one of the other MOOCs. I have yet to learn a general programming language and would like to know if Python is the best one to start with. (I currently teach You 8 & 9 Digital Technologies but have only been using visual programming with these classes.) I'm guessing Python is better for game development?